Web Development

This is Teracore’s web development process.

Information Gathering

Talk to us about your problem or vision, so that we can see if and how best we can help.

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If we think we're a good fit with you, we'll start by getting a contract and NDA signed. We use our magic to make this quick and painless.

We won't start work until we're sure we're moving in the right direction. The majority of our time will be dedicated to thinking and planning a well-defined strategy.

Design and development

Time to get get cracking! Great things happen when implementation starts with strategy. We adhere to all the rules and follow best practice. Kick off your shoes and prepare to have your socks knocked off.

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Testing and delivery

As we familiarise ourselves with you and the project, we'll continue to refine and expand on our work. Your website should grow and change, along with your needs and priorities.

Care and optimisation

Look after your investment by ensuring things safe and up-to-date. Find out more about our website care packages here.

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Attract attention

Reach a broader audience and establish yourself online. Click here to chat to us about how to get this done.

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